App Store Optimization Tips and Tricks (Android and iOS)

So, you have learnt how to start increasing your app’s (Android or iOS) visibility by doing keyword research and optimizing the content, and now it’s time to see some ASO tips and tricks which will definitely boost your performance.

Let’s get started:

1. Content is the king: Like SEO, you need to write a unique description for your app, or you won’t have a chance getting rank for certain keywords

2. Choose easy to remember and hard to misspell name:Remember our suggestion for picking a name for your app? Well, for the unique part, think of something easy to remember and hard to confuse and misspell. You should count on the word of mouth, and it won’t happen if you’ve chosen a hard name for your app

3. Don’t underestimate localization:
Don’t underestimate localization: English is popular, but users tend to search by their own language. Make sure to localize the title (The keyword part), description and even the screenshots.

4. Never use Translator apps for localization:Using translators is just useless. Make sure to get in touch with natives and ask them for translation and localization.

5. Find keywords with high traffic and relatively low competition: It’s not always easy to find high traffic keywords with low competition. It’s sort of impossible. But, you can always find the balance between competition and traffic. After launching your app, it’s better to go for less competitive keywords, and after a while try to enter the high competition field.

6. Prepare your press kit before reaching out to tech blogs:Getting external links and reviews from tech blogs is a perfect way to increase your app’s visibility. But the bloggers receive tons of emails, requesting for a review, and your proposal must be persuasive enough to get them to look at it thoroughly. So, attaching a professional press kit raises the odds.

7. DON’T OVER STUFF THE DESCRIPTION WITH KEYOWRDS:It’s not a tip. It’s something you must follow, or you’ll be marked as spam.

8. Be patient but not TOO much:ASO is known as a time-taking process and you need be patient too see the results over time, but it doesn’t mean that you just need to do the ASO one time and wait to see the results. You must always monitor ASO process and do necessary changes if necessary.

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