How to Improve Keyword Research for ASO; Tips and Tricks

You already how important the keyword research for ASO is. So, the more you know about finding the best combination of keywords, the higher you’ll rank for them and the more your app will be downloaded.

Here are some tips and tricks to optimize your keywords:

1. Make sure to investigate the competitors and top ranked apps thoroughly. It helps you find relevant keywords for your own app

2. Get the most out of Google Suggestion feature while searching for a specific keyword. It helps you find out how users search that specific keyword

3.Use more than 1 Keyword optimizer tools. You are going to need ASO platforms to estimate the traffic and difficulty for keywords. It’s better to use at least two different services for better results

4. Don’t underestimate localizations. People tend to search with their own language rather than just using English. So, make sure to translate the keywords in different languages and use them in the texts

5. Go for synonyms. You must avoid over-stuffing the description with keywords, or your app will be marked as spam. To avoid being spammy, you may use the synonyms of keywords.

6. Find the balance between traffic and difficulty. The best combination would be finding a low competition keyword with relatively high rate of traffic. But it rarely happens in action. So, you need to find the balance when it comes to select the final list. It’s highly recommend to first aim for less competitive keywords, and after a while get in to the high completion area.

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