How to Monitor App Store Optimization Plan & Improve It?

How to Optimize The Process?

Once you start searching about ASO to learn more about how to increase your app’s visibility and downloads, you’ll definitely see this opinion a lot: “ASO doesn’t have a certain rule and it’s more of a trial & error method.” Haven’t you heard it yet?

Well, we agree that ASO doesn’t come with some clean and neat rules and instructions, and it needs time to be effective, but it’s not a trial & error method, as you can easily monitor the process and improve where you are not doing well. In other words, to get started, you have to follow some certain instructions, and your main job begins once you start monitoring and planning on improving the process.

So, how does this optimizing the ASO plan work? We have divided the monitoring process into 2 categories:

  • Monitoring the Rate of Visibility in Search Results
  • Monitoring the Rate of Downloads

Monitoring the Rate of Visibility in Search Results

What affects the rate of visibility in search results? The answer is: Poor keyword research, not well-optimized title, short description, 100-character keywords, long description and external links.

Poor Keyword Research

As mentioned inthe article about Keyword Research for ASO, the keywords you find are the base of all other text optimizing activities. They must be relevant, easy to rank and bring enough traffic. So, if you have already chosen some keywords with high rate of difficulty, try focusing on less competitive ones. Go for long tail keywords, instead of short tail keywords. And see what new keywords other competitors are ranking for.


If your company is not big enough to automatically get the attention, you have to use the main keyword in the title. We always recommend to use this pattern for choosing the app’s title: A unique name to build your brand followed by the Main Keyword to increase the visibility. Don’t hesitate to change the Main Keyword in the title, when you find a better keyword.

Short Description

If you have developed an Android app, then the 80-character Short Description field, is so much important in both app’s visibility and rate of downloads. Try to use as many keywords as possible in the short description and update the description with new keywords

Long Description

Read your long description again, count the number of times you’ve repeated your keywords separately. Make sure to keep the rate of keyword’s usage at 4,5 times.

External Links

Don’t stop contacting with websites and tech blogs. If you claim that you’ve already contacted the entire related websites in the world, you cannot stop either. Simply send them a new email and let them know about the new features of your app.

Monitoring the Rate of Downloads

Once your app starts to be shown in search results for certain keywords, you need to monitor the rate of downloads. In other words, your app is now seen by users, and you should expect the downloads to come.

What affects the rate of downloads? App’s rating and reviews, icon, screenshots, video promo, and the texts (title, short description and long description)

Rating and Review

You must always keep an eye on your ratings and the users’ reviews. You must keep in touch with the unhappy users and respond to complaints fast. Users tend to download apps with higher rating.


You have already put some thoughts and efforts on designing an engaging icon, but the trends are always changing and you shouldn’t stick to an old design. Make sure to update your icon frequently and keep it up to date. (don’t design a whole new icon)


Screenshots are supposed to be informative and engaging. So, make sure they really are. And adding a promo video has always been known as a good strategy.


Short Description are very important for both app’s visibility and converting readers to downloaders. Make sure to write it the way to cover both keyword optimizing purposes and conversion purposes.

And Don’t Forget About A/B Testing

What does that mean? It means, don’t change the whole thing at once, and change things one by one. If your app is not downloading well, first try changing the screenshots and monitor the results, and then change the icon.

And Don’t forget about the fact that ASO is a time taking process and you need to be patient and persistant

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