Keyword Research: It’s Vital, It’s Essential

It’s safe to say that Keyword Research is the most important part of an App Store Optimization plan (ASO plan), and there is no success when there is no keyword research. In other words, when you don’t know how users search to find your app, you won’t have any idea what to optimize.

Your final list of keywords to focus must be relevant, must drive enough traffic and must be relatively easy to rank for. For example, if you have just launched a weather app, you shouldn’t focus on ranking for the “Weather” keyword. Because while this keyword is relevant and drives so much traffic, but it’s super difficult to rank for. So, you just need to find a balance between relevancy, traffic, and difficulty. And once you start ranking for easier keywords, you can aim for more difficult ones with more confident.

If you remember the article about “Introducing ASO”, we mentioned about the importance of monitoring and doing necessary changes. Keyword Research must be an ongoing process and you must always look for new relevant keywords to find your app with.

Tip: When your app is just new in the store, don’t hesitate to go for Long Tail Keywords. The time for ranking for Short Tail Keywords will arrive soon.

How to Research Keywords?

There is no specific rule or procedure to find the best keywords related to your app’s niche. But here are some steps to prepare the list of keywords:

1. Write down all the features of your app

2. Perform some brainstorming and extend the list of keywords already found in step 1

3. Find the keywords that your competitors are already ranking for

4. Try to sort the already added keywords by traffic, and difficulty rate

5. Narrow down the list by selecting the relevant keywords with certain rate of traffic and difficulty

6. Start typing the keywords in the search box and get the most out of the keyword suggestions. For example, type “Weather” and add the suggestions, which are: “Weather app”, “weather widget” and “weather forecast apps”.

7. Your list is ready and now it’s the time to use them in your title, short description (Android), 100-charater keywords (iOS), and of course Long Description.

Make sure to look for low competition keywords with relatively high traffic and relevance. It’s hard to find some keywords, but it’s possible.

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