Optimize Store Listing Fields on App Store – Keyword List

Choosing 100-Char Keyword List for Your iOS App (App Store Optimization)
Apple provides a specific field for entering keywords related to your app’s features and industry. This field is so important for ASO purposes and helps your app be more visible in search results for certain terms. You are limited to just 100 characters, so you need to choose the keywords wisely.

To get started, try to answer these questions with some words already available in your Keyword Research list:

What’s my app about? What are the main features of my app? What is the main functionality of my app? What are my advantages against the competitors? And most importantly, how do I expect the user find my app?

Things to consider when writing the keywords:

  • Separate the words with comma (no spaces)

  • Don’t repeat the words already available in the title

  • Use either singular or plural form (based on the traffic and difficulty rate)

  • Avoid adding the name of categories

  • If you need to use a number, use it as a digit (use 2 instead of Two)

Once you answered all the questions with some words, start counting the characters. If it’s less than 100 character, you are good to go. Otherwise, you need to start deleting the words with same meaning and less weight in your list.

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