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Writing Long Description for Your iOS App (App Store Optimization)

Important Note: Apple’s search algorithm inside the App Store simply doesn’t care about the long description. And on the other side, if you repeat certain keywords so many time, it may also have negative effects on your ranking.

On the other side, since your app is being indexed by Google search engine, you should consider using your keywords in the description.

Things to consider when writing the long description:

  • Get the most out of the entire allowed 4000 characters


  • Use simple English, so your description will be easy to understand and follow

  • Use some specific words in Bold to draw the attention

  • Include the main features of your app in Bullet Point form

  • Focus on the reasons to install your app (instead of describing the app in details)

  • Focus on your advantages against the competitors (Do comparison without mentioning a name)

  • Focus on the unique features of your app

Recommended Structure for writing a perfect Long Description for your app:

1. Start with describing the main features of your app, and talk about what users should expect from your app

2. Now, write about the design, graphics and interface

3. Answer to this question: “How this app stands out from crowd?”

4. Answer to this question: “Why users should install this app?”

5. Write the app’s main features in bullet point form

6. Write the conclusion

7. And end the description by asking users to get in touch

Tip: Unlike Google that has provided a specific field for short description, Apple doesn’t come with such thing. But there is a tricky spot which can be very useful for both app’s visibility and conversion rate. Where is that spot? The first few sentences that users can read before tapping the “Read More” button. In other words, short description for iOS apps is the first 250 characters of the long description.

Things to consider when writing the short description:

  • Don’t use a keyword more than once

  • Make sure to use the keyword already used in the title

  • Try to be short and sweet and emphasize on your app’s unique features and selling points

  • Try to include as many keywords as possible

  • Try to avoid using keywords with the common words in. For example, don’t use “Weather forecast, weather radar and weather widget”. Because they all have the “weather” word inside.

  • Write it engaging enough to make users read the rest of the description

  • When writing the short description, try to answer this question: “Why I Believe that Users Should Download My App”

Update: Apple is going to add a specific field for short description on the iOS 11.

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