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Choosing App Title for Your Android App (App Store Optimization)

App title (name), icon and overall rating are the very first things users see about your Android app. So, you must choose a perfect name for your app, design an engaging icon and monitor the rating try to maintain it at certain level.

We’ll talk about the icon and rating in the next articles, but in this article let’s focus on choosing a name for your app to increase both visibility and conversion rate.

Things to consider when choosing a title:

  • You are limited to 30 characters (new update increases the limit to 50 characters)
  • Title is useful for both increasing app’s visibility and the conversion rate
  • If your company is not big enough, you MUST include the most important keyword in the title
  • Title shouldn’t be confusing
  • Title should be unique
  • Title should be easy to remember
  • Title should be hard to misspell
  • Title should be informative enough to get the user open the app’s details page
  • Don’t use the “Free” or “Game” words in the title. Because if your app is free, it’s already sorted in the field of Free apps, and if you’ve developed a game, it’s in the Game field and repeating it, is just a waste of characters.

Step-by-step guide to choose a perfect title for your app:

1. Open the list of your keywords and check the first 5 most important keywords
2. Do a quick Traffic/Difficulty analyses and narrow down the result to 3
3. Now, pick a unique name for your app (Less than 10 character)
4. Check the combination of the unique name and important keywords, and control the character’s limit
5. Choose the best combination and your title is ready and it’s like: Unique Name + Most Important Keyword

Note that, the “Unique Name” is for branding and the “Keyword” is for ASO purposes and get the users familiar with the app’s whole idea and what they should expect from your app.
And you can always change the app’s name based on new keyword researches, but it’s highly recommended to leave the unique part of the title, unchanged.

Update July 2017: Since Play Store now allows 50 characters for the app title, you are highly recommended to get the most out of this valuable field and try Long Tail Keywords in the title.

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