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Writing App Long Description for Your Android App (App Store Optimization)
Long Description is mainly used for ASO purposes, but it doesn’t mean that it has no effect on the conversion rate. As discussed in the How to write short description for Android apps article, users are less likely to read the full description and they make their decision right after checking the app’s name, icon, screenshot, short description and the rating.

By the way, you have a 4000-character space to describe your app’s features, interface, gameplay and literally any other thing you want. And your main objective must be getting ranks for your keywords.

Things to consider when writing the long description:

  • Get the most out of the entire allowed 4000 characters


  • Use simple English, so your description will be easy to understand and follow

  • Use some specific words in Bold to draw the attention

  • Include the main features of your app in Bullet Point form

  • Focus on the reasons to install your app (instead of describing the app in details)

  • Focus on your advantages against the competitors (Do comparison without mentioning a name)

  • Focus on the unique features of your app

Recommended Structure for writing a perfect Long Description for your app:

1. Start with describing the main features of your app, and talk about what users should expect from your app

2. Now, write about the design, graphics and interface

3. Answer to this question: “How this app stands out from crowd?”

4. Answer to this question: “Why users should install this app?”

5. Write the app’s main features in bullet point form

6. Write the conclusion

7. And end the description by asking users to get in touch

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