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Writing App Short Description for Your Android App (App Store Optimization)

So, you’ve already chosen a perfect name for your app, designed an engaging icon, kept the rating over 4.2 and made the user open your app’s page in Play Store. Well, what now? Promo video (if available), screenshots and the short description are the first things users get to see and most of the time, they make their decision about downloading the app in this step.

Let’s talk about how to write short description for Android apps in this article, and leave the rest (screenshots and video promo) to other articles.

To write the short description for ASO purposes, you must consider both conversion rate and app’s visibility, and therefore you should write about the app’s main features with using most relevant keywords.

Things to consider when writing the short description:

  • You are limited to 80 characters

  • Don’t use a keyword more than once

  • Make sure to use the keyword already used in the title

  • Try to be short and sweet and emphasize on your app’s unique features and selling points

  • Try to include as many keywords as possible

  • Try to avoid using keywords with the common words in. For example, don’t use “Weather forecast, weather radar and weather widget”. Because they all have the “weather” word inside. (You may go this way: Weather forecast, radar and widget)

  • Don’t waste the limited space with useless and unrelated words

Step-by-step guide to write a perfect short description for your app:

1. Open the list of your keywords and check the first 10 most important keywords

2. Now, think about the best features of your app and answer this simple question: “Why I Believe that Users Should Download My App”

3. Write down your answer and count the characters

4. Delete the unnecessary words to make it shorter

5. Look for the keywords you’ve already included

6. Optimize the short description by replacing less-valuable words with main keywords (10 most important keywords)

7. Count it again and make sure it doesn’t exceed the 80-character limit

8. And you Short Description is ready

7. And end the description by asking users to get in touch

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