What is App Store Optimization (ASO)? Why is it Important?

App Store Optimization (ASO) for mobile apps (Android or iOS apps) is the key to get your app discovered for certain keywords in search results. So, if you think you are rich enough to pay for ads and convert users at high rates (sometimes it reaches $100 for just one install), then ASO is not a solution for you. But if you are counting on organic downloads and improving your visibility through search results, then ASO is a MUST for you.

Since we are talking about organic downloads, like SEO for websites, content is the king for ASO. In other words, if you have developed a worthy app with a unique idea or cool interface, then you have a good chance of being successful by just following some easy yet important steps with regards to creating some powerful content.

ASO is mainly applied to drive more traffic to your app’s page and doesn’t have anything to do with the conversion. But, here at App FireUp, we are focusing both on the more visibility and higher conversion rates.

How to Get Started?

Here are the most important steps we take, to start creating a perfect ASO plan:

1. Getting familiar with the app, including User Interface and main Features

2. Getting familiar with the app’s niche and main competitors

3. Finding the app’s advantages and disadvantages against the competitors

4. Doing possible changes in the app’s UI to keep it up against the competitors

5. Preparing the list of keywords to focus on

Once the list of keywords is prepared, it’s time to see the ASO in action. The keywords should be wisely used in the app’s title, short description (for Google Play), 100-char keyword (for App Store) and long description.

We will discuss more about Keyword Optimization and how to find the best keywords in the next articles.

What Are the Parts to be Optimized?

As mentioned earlier, we are using ASO to both increase the app’s visibility through search results and improve the rate of conversation and earn more installs from the driven traffic. So, here are the parts that must be optimized in order to have a perfect ASO plan:

Title and Description:</strong > Title is the most important part of the ASO when it comes to the content. It must be unique and come with the most valuable keyword inside.

Note that, if your app is going to be submitted in the Play Store, there is also another important filed, called “Short Description” and it should be taken seriously. For iOS apps, the first paragraph is very important, as the users will read it without having to tap on the More button.

Designs: Once your app is ranking for select keywords, the app’s icon, screenshots and promo videos get really important, as it has direct relation with the conversion. The designs must be simple, yet elegant and engaging.

Review and Rating: Users’ comments and ratings are not something to take as granted. The reviews should be always monitored, and responded fast.

Note that, maintaining and optimizing the Rating must be started from day 1, because as the app gets more viral, it gets so much harder to control the rating and reviews, and once the rating gets low, there is no easy way to come back again.

Starter PR Kit: ASO has several things in common with SEO, and getting valuable backlinks is one of them. In order the reach out to tech blogs and related websites, an optimized Starter Kit can make things much more efficient and easier.

Localization: And last but not definitely the least, is paying attention to localization. Apple App Store and Google Play Store are not just for English speaking users, and a good ASO plan must include localized content to cover more languages and more users all around the world (both texts and graphic assets).

ASO Needs Constant Monitoring and Actions

ASO plans are so dependent on the users’ behavior, new competitors and latest trends. So, the plan must be always monitored, tracked and optimized. When it comes to keywords, the users’ behavior must be tracked to find out how users are finding what they are looking for and when it comes to designs, A/B testing is a perfect tool to make sure the graphic stuff is always keeping up with the latest trends.

So, let’s get your apps discovered. Contact Us and we’ll set up a meeting at your earliest convinience.

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